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Spice up your Fruits with our Chili Lime Blend

There's an even greater way to enjoy the fruit you love with the Journey Foods Chili Lime Spice Blend! Melons and cucumbers are the best fruits and vegetables to serve this way: crunchy and refreshing to begin with, they become even more so with chile salt and lime. And as for other fruit, watermelon, mango, coconut, and pineapple are all classic canvases for this treatment. My personal summertime favorite is watermelon: One coule eat it for days, cut into cubes, doused in lime juice, and sprinkled with Maldon salt and ground cayenne pepper.

To make fruta con chile y limón, just slice up your fresh fruit (or vegetables), squeeze with lime, then sprinkle with chile and salt. You can use almost any kind of chile flake or powder that you like: a ground chile like cayenne gives a nice spicy kick, while flakes of a milder, meatier chile pepper like aleppo will give nice little pops of flavor.

You  can now find a seasoning mix called Fruit Spice Blend, a mix of chile flakes, lime zest, and salt, which means you only need one ingredient to kick your watermelon into hi-fi. For the salt, try something with a little more texture than your standard table salt: a flakey sea salt or even just kosher salt will do the trick just fine.