Journey Bites™

Available soon: our brainchild of fruit, biotech and love.

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Amazing flavor and texture
The world, bite-sized
The Future of Fruit
Daily nutrition via Plant Based micro foods.

The Benefits

We've built a smarter, more sustainable way to consume fruit while maintaining flavor, integrity, and the goodness of our planet. We are one part fruit, one part science, two bits of an awesome snacking journey. Join us!


We are focused on getting fruit nutrition back to its historical outputs when carbon dioxide levels did not hinder plant development like it does today.

Journey Technology

We are preserving the nutrient density through data and a miniature micro-climate process.

Future snacks

We are tracking ingredient combinations higher in nutritional value than conventional and organic fruits on the market today.

Flavor for days

Our scientists are creating abundant fruit cell cultures with our patent-pending flavor capture technology.

Protein & Fiber

Our bites are higher in protein and fiber than traditional fresh fruit, and are also rich in polyphenols and unsaturated fatty acids.

Feed the world

We aim to find a sustainable way of feeding the world with better on-the-go nutrition as the global population is due to hit nine billion by 2050.

Tiny cubes of goodness

Our platform includes plant ingredient data, micro-climate mimicry, transparency, and new patent-pending texture technology for enjoyable experiences.

Wild-harvested and infused ingredients

Over 90 percent of our planet's natural, plant-based snacks are primed for extinction. Yet 94 percent of Americans snack daily. We are developing the innovation to lock in nutrients and the best flavors on the globe for the most accessible version of fruit.

We have big plans!

Coming soon Journey Bites™ with 100% mission-powered ingredients.

Available soon.

Journey Foods

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